Free Education

LIGHTS OF HOPE MINISTRY successfully promote institutional cooperation which contributes to sustainable social and economic development.


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The Staff of LIGHTS OF HOPE MINISTRY are all Christians males and females. Teachers who are passionate about children and education. We are all doing efforts day and night for the miserable condition of Christian’s community in Pakistan to complete our vision. Teachers encourage high levels of parental involvement in the school as they have an important role to play in the education of their children.

LIGHTS OF HOPE ministry has gathered extensive. We going door to door and motivate the people for education.
We are Providing Free Education to.​​

» Child labour
» Orphan kids.
» Women in Education.
» Poor and Needy Kids.


Main causes are that urban areas in Pakistan are less whereas rural areas are more, rural areas are not developed and most of the areas don’t have schools and if they do then they are of very low standards, in many areas people don’t send their daughters to schools as they believe it is worthless to send them, it is just wasting of money. This is very hard for them to attend school as schools are in bad conditions. Often tables and benches are missing and children have to sit on the ground. Moreover, the toilets are mostly nonexistent. Those boys and girls who manage to attend school against all odds are taught by ill-educated teachers who are often absent. Moreover, most families are poor who do not afford the expenses of the school. They do not think that education is important for their children.​